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Going sloooowww

もしもし, everyone!

The last couple of days saw little serious language learning on my part, as I seem to have lot’s of other “open projects” lingering in my mind. I still learn a bit Japanese every day, repeating the Hiragana, repeating the Pimsleur and the Genki Lessons, but not nearly enough to make substantial progress in my opinion. I am not regressing however, so that’s a good thing.

Things are about to change a bit though, once all the clutter is out or taken care of, I’ll see to it that I listen to more Japanese Music, watch more Japanese Movies and Animes, chat/befriend more people from Japan (basically Penpals) and just practice having conversation in this language daily.
I know that I could learn faster, but it’s just not possible at the moment. So I do what I can, that I at least won’t forget what I learned so far.

I’ll keep you guys and girls updated. More good stuff is coming soon :)


Pimsleur practice

Aside from my daily ひらがな practice and dabbling with the Genki book, I also started learning with Pimsleur today.

Finally, I learn some real conversation which I can actually use in daily life, should I happen to meet people speaking Japanese.

With Pimsleur, you will repeat a lot. And I mean a whole lot. But this actually helps, at least from my experience, with remembering the meaning behind your utterances. It also helps losing any accent you may have (whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable – though I strive to emulate a native Japanese speaker as closely as possible).

In any case, the first Lesson starts simply enough: Continue reading