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Time to get immersed

もしもし, everyone!

There is something missing from my learning experience, and it is completely my own fault. Sure I am practicing daily, reading, writing, listening and talking (to myself that is) but all this is somewhat separated from my daily life. I still do my groceries, work on projects, do the dishes, cook some food, clean up in German or English.

What if I did all this in a Japanese mindset? Now now, I don’t mean that I act like someone born in Japan. This is not about deluding myself. Rather, why not make the effort to immerse me as much as possible into the Japanese language. What exactly does that mean though? Continue reading


Pimsleur practice

Aside from my daily ひらがな practice and dabbling with the Genki book, I also started learning with Pimsleur today.

Finally, I learn some real conversation which I can actually use in daily life, should I happen to meet people speaking Japanese.

With Pimsleur, you will repeat a lot. And I mean a whole lot. But this actually helps, at least from my experience, with remembering the meaning behind your utterances. It also helps losing any accent you may have (whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable – though I strive to emulate a native Japanese speaker as closely as possible).

In any case, the first Lesson starts simply enough: Continue reading

3 Japanese Movies I need to watch again

こんにちは everyone!

Thanks to subtitles, I have watched many Japanese movies over the years. Some were good, a few were great, and others were.. well.. strange. In this post, I want to give you a quick overview of three movies I loved and plan to watch again, once I become more adept in the Japanese language. Reading subtitles is obviously okay for the most part, but they still lack the essence of the spoken word. The goal is of course, to listen to what the actors say, and understand them. Sounds quite doable right?

Here are the movies: Continue reading