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My Japan Travel Song

おはよう everyone!

Another music post. This time it’s a much calmer song, with a very special meaning to me.

I have never been to Japan, yet I definitely plan to visit the Country one day. Now, I love to to backpacking through the Countryside, just moving where the wind or my whims take me. Whenever I think (or dream) about doing so in Japan, this is the song that plays in my head. At first, I did not understand any of the lyrics, but the song felt like a traveling song anyways. As it turns out (or rather, one translation lookup later) this is actually true. I like how the band manages to capture this feeling so marvellously well, every tune seems to say “go, walk into the world and enjoy.” Continue reading


3 Japanese Movies I need to watch again

こんにちは everyone!

Thanks to subtitles, I have watched many Japanese movies over the years. Some were good, a few were great, and others were.. well.. strange. In this post, I want to give you a quick overview of three movies I loved and plan to watch again, once I become more adept in the Japanese language. Reading subtitles is obviously okay for the most part, but they still lack the essence of the spoken word. The goal is of course, to listen to what the actors say, and understand them. Sounds quite doable right?

Here are the movies: Continue reading

More Music

Another song I really love yet don’t quite “get”.

The thing is, I did look up the lyrics and some translation (not to mention that the video below is subbed), but somehow I find myself wanting more. To really understand the lyrics and associate emotions and feeling with certain words or ways of saying something. Continue reading

That’s music to my ears!

もしもし everyone!

Everything is going very well. I’ll just quickly post a favorite song of mine even though I don’t understand any lyrics whatsoever.

Oh, I know what you might suggest, just look them up. But no no no, where is the fun in that? Continue reading