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Learning Japanese Downtown

こんにちは everyone.

Finally, I get around to write a post again. Once more I like to bow deeply and say すみません to all of you. This whole broken bone deal brought things out of balance and my usual learning schedule suffered, simply because I have to take care of many other things, which take longer now, as I can only use one hand.

But enough lamentation! What have I been up to in regards to learning Japanese? Continue reading


My Japan Travel Song

おはよう everyone!

Another music post. This time it’s a much calmer song, with a very special meaning to me.

I have never been to Japan, yet I definitely plan to visit the Country one day. Now, I love to to backpacking through the Countryside, just moving where the wind or my whims take me. Whenever I think (or dream) about doing so in Japan, this is the song that plays in my head. At first, I did not understand any of the lyrics, but the song felt like a traveling song anyways. As it turns out (or rather, one translation lookup later) this is actually true. I like how the band manages to capture this feeling so marvellously well, every tune seems to say “go, walk into the world and enjoy.” Continue reading

Why am I so interested in learning Japanese?

こんにちは everyone.

I thought it might be a good idea to explain to you in a bit more detail why I fell in love with the Japanese language and take such a great interest in it.

First of all, I came into contact with Japanese at a young age. I must have been around 8 or 9 when I stumbled unto Animes (thankfully just subbed) and was immediately hooked. It was around the time when I began reading books about Buddhism and especially Zen practices. Now, given my young age, I obviously did not understand most of it, and was soon drawn to the martial arts side of Shaolin monks, samurais and especially ninjas (to a young boy, all these looked like super heroes anyways). And so, over the years, the Japanese culture (and the Shaolin) had me. It was always an up and down, at times I had lesser interest and other times it was all I read about. Continue reading