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Badly synchronized Anime

もしもし, everyone!

While waiting for Crayon Shin-chan to begin this morning, I happened to watch an episode of an Anime called Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. Now I don’t want to talk about the quality itself, which I can’t judge anyways given my lack of time with this Anime, but the German synchro for the main character (the guy in red armor) was so horrendously bad, I couldn’t help but make fun of it. Basically, he was screaming all the time, as if the guy responsible for the voice, did not know what he was doing, but wanted to sound all emotional. The other characters were okay, but this guy.. oh boy.. it was too silly to watch really. I don’t know how he sounds in Japanese, but I’ll bet it’s nothing like this. What were they thinking? Sadly, this is actually rather common, as other dubbed Animes I’ve watched, were often equally bad. Continue reading


Going sloooowww

もしもし, everyone!

The last couple of days saw little serious language learning on my part, as I seem to have lot’s of other “open projects” lingering in my mind. I still learn a bit Japanese every day, repeating the Hiragana, repeating the Pimsleur and the Genki Lessons, but not nearly enough to make substantial progress in my opinion. I am not regressing however, so that’s a good thing.

Things are about to change a bit though, once all the clutter is out or taken care of, I’ll see to it that I listen to more Japanese Music, watch more Japanese Movies and Animes, chat/befriend more people from Japan (basically Penpals) and just practice having conversation in this language daily.
I know that I could learn faster, but it’s just not possible at the moment. So I do what I can, that I at least won’t forget what I learned so far.

I’ll keep you guys and girls updated. More good stuff is coming soon :)

Moving forward

もしもし, everyone!

Today marks the beginning of my conversation practice. I am using the book Genki – An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese for this. It seems that it was a good idea after all to learn the ひらがな beforehand, as most of the initial lessons are written in this script. I will work on the Katakana soon however so that I also have this in my arsenal.

The First Lesson, or rather Lesson Zero, involves some of the most common Greetings in Japanese. This actually proves to be a good practice for myself as I can now write and read these Greetings fairly easily, and learn their pronunciation and meaning at the same time.

I will however not use this book exclusively, but rather try to get my knowledge from a couple of sources. I might try out Pimsleur too, as I heard many good things about it. As for the Katakana and Kanji, I will work with Heisigs books, as they have already proven themselves very useful and effective. Continue reading