My Japan Travel Song

おはよう everyone!

Another music post. This time it’s a much calmer song, with a very special meaning to me.

I have never been to Japan, yet I definitely plan to visit the Country one day. Now, I love to to backpacking through the Countryside, just moving where the wind or my whims take me. Whenever I think (or dream) about doing so in Japan, this is the song that plays in my head. At first, I did not understand any of the lyrics, but the song felt like a traveling song anyways. As it turns out (or rather, one translation lookup later) this is actually true. I like how the band manages to capture this feeling so marvellously well, every tune seems to say “go, walk into the world and enjoy.”

If any of you has a similar song, please share it with me.

Until then, enjoy the song :)

(Note: Unfortunately the video as one little  skip at the beginning, but it was the best version I could find)


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