I can type now

もしもし everyone!

In my last post, I mentioned how much hassle it would be to turn my laptop into full blown Japanese mode. Well, turns out silly old me did not look in the right places. Now, my laptop is still in English and German, buuuuut, I can now type in Japanese!


わたちは ニルス です。
にほんごが すこし わかります。

See that, I just typed it with my keyboard. This makes things so much easier for me.

All I did was to install IME (look it up here) and that’s it. I may need to switch my keyboard settings every now and then, but still, this is so much better than before when I had to copy paste the symbols.

Another handy little tool I found is called rikaikun (you can find it here). It is a chrome/firefox extension, that shows me a whole cluster of information about any Japanese symbol i hover over with my mouse cursor. Easy to install, easy to use, yet so unbelievably useful.

My learning session today is a bit on the lax site, mainly repeating the ひらがな and カタカナ, watching some random Japanese commercials, listening to music, and working on incorporating more Japanese word into my daily life. Even such simple things as saying いただきます and ごちそおさま でした before and after eating.

Overall, things are going well, and I look forward to learning so much more of this wonderful Language!

A nice day to all of you :)


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