Badly synchronized Anime

もしもし, everyone!

While waiting for Crayon Shin-chan to begin this morning, I happened to watch an episode of an Anime called Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. Now I don’t want to talk about the quality itself, which I can’t judge anyways given my lack of time with this Anime, but the German synchro for the main character (the guy in red armor) was so horrendously bad, I couldn’t help but make fun of it. Basically, he was screaming all the time, as if the guy responsible for the voice, did not know what he was doing, but wanted to sound all emotional. The other characters were okay, but this guy.. oh boy.. it was too silly to watch really. I don’t know how he sounds in Japanese, but I’ll bet it’s nothing like this. What were they thinking? Sadly, this is actually rather common, as other dubbed Animes I’ve watched, were often equally bad.

I barely watch dubbed Anime anyways, but I do wonder how much the synchronizers actually know about the original voices and how they talk. Then again, I do wonder how a native Japanese speaker thinks about their own synchro. That would be something I’d love to know.

Now, not all Animes that have been synchronized are bad because of it, Shin-Chan, for example, has a perfectly fitting synchro. I just wish they would stop using over the top voices all the time, it’s completely unnecessary.

What about me learning though?

Well, I started my Katakana practice today, after finishing another cluster of random ひらがな vocabularies. I am really getting comfortable with the latter, having little trouble writing the kana symbols. Reading still takes a bit getting used to, but I’ll see to it, that I practice this some more now.

Related to that, the Lessons from the Genki book really help me out in this regard. While I have putted this practice a bit to the sideline lately, focusing more on actual conversations instead, I now revisited Lesson 0 and 1 and integrated some more “small talk” sentences into my vocabulary. For example, I can now ask for the time – いま なんじですか (ima nanji desu ka), say that it’s good weather outside (more like “The weather is nice today, isn’t it?”) – いい おてんきですね (ii o tenki desu ne) and of course agreeing to such statement – そうですね (soudesu ne).

I think it is wonderful to know such little everyday phrases. I could walk up to someone speaking Japanese in my town and actually talk to them a little bit. Unless of course they don’t understand anything I say, then I just embarrass myself, but that would be jolly good in a way too haha.


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