Apparently I am learning an overrated language

もしもし, everyone!

Today I was told by a random person that I am learning an overrated language. I took no offence or anything, just laughed and told them that no matter how “overrated” it may be, I still love learning it. The statement was probably not meant offensive anyways, and even if, my happy nature won’t let such negativity into my life :D

The funny thing is though, in a way I would agree to that statement. Let me explain.

Here in Germany (and as far as I know, also in America), Animes, Mangas, Video Games and certain Japanese Subcultures are pretty popular. I know many people who take an interest in Japan in one way or the other. Not all of them learn the language, although some do, and some even study Japanese at a University. Now, is that a bad thing? By any means, no! In fact, I encourage anyone who takes an interest in a different culture to get into the language.

However, there is a tendency that learning Japanese is nothing special anymore because everyone is apparently doing it. Also, many people doubt that one can learn this “strange and bizarre language.”  They have heard about someone trying to learn Japanese too many times and saw that person quit after a while (I too did that once :3) to actually believe such a statement anymore.

With all that said however, in a way a lot of languages are overrated. I heard people refer to Russian, French, German, English, Mandarin, Korean and even Dutch as overrated. So really, while I can understand the point in a way, I usually laugh about it, because to me it is a silly statement, kinda like “zxy language is the hardest to learn.”

If you love learning a language, Do it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And in case of doubt, stand in front of a mirror, raise your arms, and yell Ganbare!!


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