3 Japanese Movies I need to watch again

こんにちは everyone!

Thanks to subtitles, I have watched many Japanese movies over the years. Some were good, a few were great, and others were.. well.. strange. In this post, I want to give you a quick overview of three movies I loved and plan to watch again, once I become more adept in the Japanese language. Reading subtitles is obviously okay for the most part, but they still lack the essence of the spoken word. The goal is of course, to listen to what the actors say, and understand them. Sounds quite doable right?

Here are the movies:

1. Kikujirô no natsu

I’ve only watched this once before, years ago in the middle of the night while randomly switching channels. I do remember it as being quite touching, in a joyful kinda way. I always liked Takeshi Kitano’s works, and this film proved again why.

2. Shonen merikensakku

Another movie I only watched once before, but what an entertaining one. A middle-aged punk band working on their comeback with the help of a young, and perhaps a tad bit too naive record company worker. Basically, a road-movie drama with lots of punk music mixed in. Loved it!

3. Kurôzu zero

Here we have the loose adaptation of クローズ, a manga series by Hitoshi Takahashi, featuring young high school ruffians going wild in their school. This is basically a martial arts movie. yet the fighting is more in the sense of dirty street fighting where testosterone filled young delinquents kick ass. I’ve watched it like five times already, and would gladly watch it again.


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