A first step is taken

And it’s done. I have worked my way through Remembering the Kana I, and thus learned to read and write the ひらがな.

My total time in the lessons clocks at 100 minutes, but this does not include the time I spent (and plan to spend) repeating the kana symbols, reading as much as I can and simply practicing a lot.
I do want to include the number though, to show you how “easy” it is to learn something that us westerners often consider very abstract and plain out of our reach. Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not hard at all. Yes, you do have to sit down and work, but success comes so quickly that soon you will forget all about the apparent hardship. 

With that all said, I also like to remind you (and myself) that I am obviously not a master of the ひらがな yet, how could I be? There is more to learn and I know it will take some time until I can truly read it with fluency. But at least I put the first foot down and am moving in the right direction.

Now it is simply a matter of keeping the practice up. Doing small and easy things every day, adding one percent each day, will add up over time until I can use this language with confidence.

Next up on the list, will be the Katakana. At the same time making sure that the ひらがな sticks. Not to mention that I will now start working harder on putting together a list of images related to the symbols, that I want to share with you (as mentioned in earlier posts).

I am excited because I used to doubt myself that I ever really start learning Japanese in the first place. I always wanted to but never followed through. And now that I did, I am very glad about that.

So take heart, and keep practicing. You can do it too :)


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