The practice continues

もしもし, everyone!

Almost finished with the book Remembering the Kana by James Heisig

From then on, I will learn the Katakana, followed by focusing more on the conversational aspect, before learning the Kanji symbols. Of course, it would be nice to read all those yet cryptic passages, but what’s the point if I don’t even understand them, nor their greater context.

No, I must spend considerable time learning how to have a meaningful conversation in Japanese. I reckon that by next week, I can start this practice. Given that the Hiragana took me about 3-4 hours to memorize, the Katakana should be the same. At 30 minutes a day, it will take me around 6 days to work my way through the book. Obviously I will also have to spend time practicing the symbols, lest some of the images are not as clear as I make them out to be.

But all in due time.

And, like I said here, I will make the extra effort to draw and write out every single image I have in my mind when trying to remember a kana symbol. This in turn will hopefully provide you with some extra insight into my learning process, and perhaps help those who are also learning this wonderful language.


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