もしもし, everyone!

Still working my way through the Remembering the Kana book. The last days were kinda busy though, so I couldn’t find time to post anything here.

However, I had this idea of what do to with the Lessons from the book once I am finished. As it is right now, I am more or less taking inspirations from Heisig’s given images, but I am also constructing my own. Not only do I find this to be more helpful in my overall learning process, but it sure is fun!

And so I decided that I will share my own interpretations with you.

The Plan is to finish all the lessons and then draw out the images and upload them here. Now, my drawing skills are rather.. uhm.. pitiful, but perhaps this will make the whole undertaking even better. In any case, I will also provide in written format what it is exactly that I am imagining while remembering the kana.

I hope this will help some people out there in the long run.

So long!



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