Late night kana

So it is like 1AM right now and I am drinking German Beer while practicing Hiragana Symbols.

It was a very busy day, and I just could not find time earlier. Also, I trained a whole lot today which means tomorrow I’ll be sore like hell (now, how to say this in Japanese?)

Anyway, while in the city today, I thought about how great it would be if I could help Japanese tourist visiting this town, by actually talking to them in their native tongue.

I mean, I am not after the “prestige” or anything (to be honest, with the popularity japan has among western folk, there is not much prestige anyway – just look at the number of students each year, who enroll in Japan Studies) but rather the simple desire to provide helpful advice to interested people, without having to resort to English and/or some strange hand gesturing.

I used to work in a Youth Hostel years ago. Whenever we had guests from Japan, I really wished I could just talk to them in their language, out of sheer interest to share myself with them. They were always so nice and friendly, and I would have loved to have more in-depth conversations with them.

Like I said before, by this time next year, I will be able to do so.

Learned today:

  • sa – さ
  • shi – し
  • su – す
  • se – せ
  • so – そ
  • ta – た
  • chi – 
  • tsu – つ
  • te – て
  • to – 

I also repeated the previous kana symbols, and tomorrow I’ll mix the whole bunch up and practice them before learning any new ones. I have to make them second nature I reckon, where my mind simply connects the right sound with the right symbol. All in due time.

No conversation practice today though, I’ll make sure to have some tomorrow.



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