Daily Kana Practice

And so it begins.

It is an easy start, learning at least 5-10 kana symbols a day. The practice is simple enough: see them, trace them, write them down a couple of times, and then cluster them randomly together and write out the related kana.

Here are pictures of my practice papers:

Kana learning 1Kana learning 2

Note that I always cover up old answers, so that I can’t cheat. Obviously it would be easily to cheat but what’s the point of doing so? I want to learn all this after all.

Learned today:

  • a – あ
  • i – い
  • u – う
  • e – え
  • o – お
  • ka – か
  • ki – き
  • ku – く
  • ke – け
  • ko – こ

And for good measure, I threw in some basic phrases:

  • おはよう。(ohayō) – Good morning
  • もしもし。(moshi moshi) – Hello (General Greeting)
  • こんにちは。(konnichiwa) – Good Afternoon
  • じゃあまたね 。(jā mata ne) – see you later
  • おやすみ。(oyasumi) – Good Night  

In this aspect, I am focusing on speech, and not on reading (note for example that the phrases are all written in Hiragana and lacking the Kanji writing.)

My approach is thus twofold, learn and master the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji symbols (so that I can actually read Japanese) and practice simple phrases to be able to hold a conversation

(Total time spend learning: 30 minutes)

It was actually quite a hectic day, but that shouldn’t have stopped me from learning more seriously. Especially in the conversation department.

But tomorrow is another day and thus another chance to improve :D



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