A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

もしもし – moshi moshi – Hello and welcome to my amazing Blog.

What is this all about then?

Well, after putting off learning Japanese for ages, I finally made up my mind and put some action behind my words. The Japanese language has long been of interest to me – having a fascination for the culture, Shinto, Zen Buddhism, anime, music, movies, and simply liking the sound of it – it’s a wonder I did not start earlier.*

However, now I am learning this language, and I want to be accountable for it. I promised myself that by the time next year, I could sing along to my favorite songs and actually understand them.

What I will do here, is share my process with you. Through trials and tribulations you will get a glimpse at my learning progress (or lack thereof), the material I use, what approach I take, what problems I face, and of course what makes this language so fascinating to me.

Feel free the read along, I will make sure to write as often as possible.

If you are also learning this language, or perhaps you are already an expert in the field, please share yourself with me. I would love to hear personal experiences, little tips and language hacks you discovered.

Until next time then!

じゃあまたね – jā mata ne – See you later

(*I once actually spend a summer learning Hiragana and Katakana, but for some reason – laziness – stopped altogether)


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