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A first step is taken

And it’s done. I have worked my way through Remembering the Kana I, and thus learned to read and write the ひらがな.

My total time in the lessons clocks at 100 minutes, but this does not include the time I spent (and plan to spend) repeating the kana symbols, reading as much as I can and simply practicing a lot.
I do want to include the number though, to show you how “easy” it is to learn something that us westerners often consider very abstract and plain out of our reach. Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not hard at all. Yes, you do have to sit down and work, but success comes so quickly that soon you will forget all about the apparent hardship.  Continue reading


The practice continues

もしもし, everyone!

Almost finished with the book Remembering the Kana by James Heisig

From then on, I will learn the Katakana, followed by focusing more on the conversational aspect, before learning the Kanji symbols. Of course, it would be nice to read all those yet cryptic passages, but what’s the point if I don’t even understand them, nor their greater context. Continue reading

More Music

Another song I really love yet don’t quite “get”.

The thing is, I did look up the lyrics and some translation (not to mention that the video below is subbed), but somehow I find myself wanting more. To really understand the lyrics and associate emotions and feeling with certain words or ways of saying something. Continue reading


もしもし, everyone!

Still working my way through the Remembering the Kana book. The last days were kinda busy though, so I couldn’t find time to post anything here.

However, I had this idea of what do to with the Lessons from the book once I am finished. As it is right now, I am more or less taking inspirations from Heisig’s given images, but I am also constructing my own. Not only do I find this to be more helpful in my overall learning process, but it sure is fun! Continue reading

The Heisig Method

もしもし, everyone!

For those of you who also study Japanese, the name Heisig should ring a bell. His method employs an imaginative memory, in order to retain the myriads of symbols us westerners often find confusing and random. Instead of just hammering those symbols into our brain by repeating them until oblivion, one is rather invited to look into their structure and create crazy stories around. Our brain has a tendency to retain abstract information far better when we connect it to a wacky story or image. Continue reading

That’s music to my ears!

もしもし everyone!

Everything is going very well. I’ll just quickly post a favorite song of mine even though I don’t understand any lyrics whatsoever.

Oh, I know what you might suggest, just look them up. But no no no, where is the fun in that? Continue reading

Late night kana

So it is like 1AM right now and I am drinking German Beer while practicing Hiragana Symbols.

It was a very busy day, and I just could not find time earlier. Also, I trained a whole lot today which means tomorrow I’ll be sore like hell (now, how to say this in Japanese?) Continue reading

Daily Kana Practice

And so it begins.

It is an easy start, learning at least 5-10 kana symbols a day. The practice is simple enough: see them, trace them, write them down a couple of times, and then cluster them randomly together and write out the related kana.

Here are pictures of my practice papers:

Kana learning 1Kana learning 2
Continue reading

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

もしもし – moshi moshi – Hello and welcome to my amazing Blog.

What is this all about then?

Well, after putting off learning Japanese for ages, I finally made up my mind and put some action behind my words. The Japanese language has long been of interest to me – having a fascination for the culture, Shinto, Zen Buddhism, anime, music, movies, and simply liking the sound of it – it’s a wonder I did not start earlier.* Continue reading